Seasons Change

It is no coincidence that I have joined a conference team titled Legacy Seasons of Beauty in the last year. The team name alone reminds me of the beauty that can be found in every season of my life. Some seasons may not seem as beautiful as others but the beauty can always be found if we look for it. The hardest, toughest times of life can hold some of the most value.

I love to look out my window and watch the seasons change. Nothing is more beautiful to me than seeing the leaves change into gorgeous colors of red, yellow, orange and purple. The smell of fall in the air excites me because I know the holidays will follow shortly. One new season prepares us for the next.

Each season can be met with excitement, and optimism or it can be met with fear and negativity. It really is up to us to decide which glasses we will view it through.

I am learning through this season of my life to resist fear and step out into faith at what I feel God is calling me to do. My children are grown, my days of being a stay at mom are done. After 25 years, I am going back to work after just completing my bachelors degree. Other doors of opportunity are opening that could potentially be very frightening.  Fear has clawed at me and tried to get me to back down but faith gives me the strength to push on. I ignore the voice of fear and run optimistically into the next season of life trusting in Gods word to guide me.

By melissasmccormick

The Power of Testimony


They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. Rev 12:11

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has suffered pain and sorrow. So many have chosen to allow that suffering to hold them back. Jesus said” The thief comes to kill steal and destroy but I  have come that they might have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10).

Guilt and shame will try to bully us into secrecy. It deceives us into believing that we are worthless, or that we are beyond help. It convinces us to stay quiet and suffer alone. That is the lie I bought for years.

As a young adult woman living with a tormented mind over my past of abuse, adoption and rejection I started asking God for answers. It was through the testimonies of other people that I found hope for my life. I found out through the stories of other that my past does not have to have power over me anymore. In fact I learned to see my past as a gift that has allowed me to reach out to others and have a compassion and understanding that I would probably not have had otherwise.

We are encouraged by people who have overcome. We can learn from the testimonies of others. If Christ came to give us a more abundant life than we need to seek out that life and go after the best He has for us, which I know includes freedom from a tormented mind and a defeated life.

That is the purpose behind this blog… allow people to see that there is hope for the hopeless.

By melissasmccormick