I Choose Thankfulness


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for but often take those things for granted. I often reflect over my life and stand in amazement over how blessed I am. As a teenager, I could never have dreamed my life would have turned out as wonderful as it has. As great as I have it, I must admit to complaining when it comes to the stress of the holidays.

Twenty-three years ago I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital giving birth to my precious first son. It was the best Thanksgiving ever. No football, no turkey, no cooking, no cleaning up dinner dishes. I got to just sit and snuggle my new baby all day.  I didn’t even mind the hospital food, it beat Turkey. This Thanksgiving my daughter could have the same wonderful experience that I did as she could give birth any minute.

Though I am not a big fan of Thanksgiving food and I admittedly get grumpy at all the prep work and clean up at times. I must remember that one day these times spent with family will eventually become faded memories. As parents age and grandkids get married and start their own families, we will be forced to change our traditions. One large family will morph into many smaller ones as we find less space available to house all of us at once.

So this Thanksgiving I will be thankful that I get to spend the holidays with family, for there are others who are all alone without anybody this year. I will be thankful for my spouse, for some are spending their holiday without theirs. I will be thankful for my children and grandchildren for there are those who long for children of their own. I will be thankful for my food because there are some who are starving. I will be thankful this holiday because I do not know who will be around to share it with next year.

Being thankful is a choice. I can choose to be thankful and appreciate the things in my life or I can be ungrateful and whine about things I don’t like. My attitude has been checked and I will choose thankfulness.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

By melissasmccormick

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