Hooray For Cheerleaders!!


“We got spirit yes we do, we got spirit how about you?”  “Spirit NO, a headache YES, now please get out of my way so I can watch the game” (or at least that good-looking QB). Now, don’t you all act innocent and self-righteous like I am the only one who had those thoughts against those super happy upbeat girls who were all obstructing my view of  “whats his name”.

 Admittedly, I was never a big fan of the Cheerleader until the last few years. I gained a new respect for the Cheerleader when I watched my two daughters cheer. When my youngest was being tossed into the air and twisting her body (in ways that make me hurt just watching) I was thankful for the strength of the girls like my second daughter who locked arms to catch her.

 Though the stunting was impressive it is the rallying of the crowd that caught my attention as the more tedious work. I have been to many games between high school and raising four kids and I have come to the conclusion that Cheerleaders have to be so thankful for the student section. The kids are always pumped up ready to make fools of themselves if need be to cheer their teams on. The older crowd on the other hand is more subdued and often act more agitated with the Cheerleaders than encouraged by them (that was me when my girls weren’t cheering). The Cheerleader was definitely under-appreciated.

 Twenty six years later, I have learned a new appreciation for the Cheerleaders in my life. Overly zealous, positive or extremely encouraging people in my mind were just over caffeinated or on a temporary emotional high. It wasn’t until I met this spunky woman with four (now five) boys that seems to live her life cheering on those around her, that I realized how important the role of the Cheerleader is. Her attitude and outlook has been a huge inspiration to me.

 A quick glance over my life reminded me of who the Cheerleaders were, soon I was remembering what some of their cheers were as well. Their cheers  prayed me through, wiped my tears, wouldn’t let me give up when my strength was gone, pointed out my gifts and talents and believed in me despite the odds. They helped me to see the good in others and encouraged me to forgive and love. I believe that every one of these “Cheerleaders” was heaven-sent and I am so thankful for each one.

 God continues to bring Cheerleaders into my life, each has a different cheer for whatever opponent I am facing but I am determined to learn their cheers and teach them to others.

 Hebrews 10:24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds (NIV)

By melissasmccormick