My Book: “The Gift of Scars”

The Gift of Scars

The Gift of Scars“Behold, My hands and My feet . . . ” —Luke 24:39 NKJV Only when Jesus revealed His scars did His disciples truly believe He was alive again. Ironically, followers of Jesus often hide their scars, not realizing He can do amazing, transforming work with them.The Gift of Scarsexplores God’s redeeming and restorative grace for those who fail to see their troubled pasts as treasures in the hands of an almighty, all-loving God.Addressing the issues of abuse, rejection, guilt, and self-hatred, author Melissa McCormick courageously shows the scars of her own tragic childhood while extending hope and help for the hopelessly hurting. Today she considers her scars to be gifts that God can use. But that wasn’t always so.As part of her restoration to wholeness, God sent Melissa down a path she would never have chosen or dreamed appropriate. Her experience as a beauty pageant contestant, and eventually as the winner of Mrs. Michigan International 2000, is evidence of the incredible transforming power of God in a chronically insecure life.

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